SubPox is Toronto's most Gen-Xcellent 90s cover band

Our next show is:

--> Almost upon us. Please be patient. <--

Hear songs by:

  • * Nirvana
  • * Sleater-Kinney
  • * The Breeders
  • * Sloan
  • * Guided By Voices
  • * Bikini Kill

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Maria Maria: riot grrrl vocalist
Ryan Ryan: indie-rock guitarist
Mark Mark: slacker bassist
Someone Alex: grunge drummer

"To relive my youth I started an indiepalooza cover band. Sound clichéd? Whatever. But hit songs are for sellouts, so I put together a wicked mixtape of hidden gems instead. Welcome to the SubPox-alypse." - Ryan

Bookings & Press: subpox [at] gmail [dot] com